A Diamond In The Rough: The Breakfast Klub by De’Jonnette Montgomery

3711 Travis
Houston, TX 77002

April 2004– Pancakes dripped in hot syrup. Hot buttery biscuits with delicious eggs. Homemade grits with fresh toast. Are you hungry yet? If so, you should stop by the best restaurant in Houston . The Breakfast Klub. Downtown. A place in a city that is the busiest area in town. Downtown Houston is no different than this stereotype. You have the hustle and bustle of the working class trying to get to and from work in one of the enormous buildings located in this part of town. Nevertheless, right in the heart of the city lays a perfect little spot to eat a delicious meal.

When you think of Houston , you think of shopping, entertainment, and exquisite restaurants. We do not think of the “unknown” areas of this great city. The one that everyone should know is a small restaurant called The Breakfast Klub. This great restaurant is located off the corner of Alabama and Travis. This is the perfect spot because it is located downtown in the heart of the city.

I know when you think of this place you picture a restaurant that only serves breakfast. The Breakfast Klub is much more than that. The atmosphere loves because the people are so warm. This nice little place has the warmth of your grandmother’s kitchen, but still has the professionalism of most known restaurants like IHOP. I think back, when I was a kid, and how excited I was to go to my grandmother’s house because I know I am going to enjoy one of the delicious things she makes. That how I feel when I enter The Breakfast Klub. My first time at The Breakfast Klub was from a recommendation from my boyfriend. He had gone several times and I he told me to with him. Therefore, I went. When we first drove there, I thought this place was one of those run down restaurant that was barely making it. However, when I went in, and saw how the line was almost out the door, I knew I have found a “diamond in the rough”. Ever since then, it has become one of my favorite restaurants of all time.

The one memory that I will always remember is the first time I took my sister. Dana, my loving sister, does not like breakfast food. Don’t get me wrong, she use to, but she swore off all breakfast food because my mom cooked the worst breakfast when we were kids and made us eat it. Ever since then, she has not had any kind of breakfast food. One day I decided to miss class to do some more “research” at The Breakfast Klub. My sister did not have school that day, so I told her I was picking her up and I was taking her to a fabulous restaurant

So off we went to my favorite breakfast place. She complained the whole time about how she did not want to go because she would not eat anything. When we finally came to the restaurant, I was thinking to myself that maybe this was not a good idea.

I ordered my favorite, Catfish and Grits and she ordered biscuits, but when our food came, I noticed that she was watching me eat. “That sure smells good”, she said and I told her it was. I noticed that she was still watching, so I did the polite think and asked her if she want to taste it. Never in my wildest dreams would I think she would actually say yes. She took a bit of my grits and pronounced that she has never tasted grits that were that good!! To make a long story short, she ended up eating the rest of my food and ever since then she has become a regular customer just like me.

Walking through the door, the smell astounds you. The smell of bacon cooking, or the catfish frying will take you away. Just the smell will make your mouth water and it makes you anticipate just how the food will taste.

When you enter the restaurant, you immediately get in line to order your food, (let me warn you, on Saturday, expect to be in line for a while because they are very busy on this day). After you ordered, you sit down and wait until your number is called. After that, a waiter comes, brings you your food, and enjoy!

The masterful chefs at The Breakfast Klub take breakfast food in a completely new direction. You can taste the flavor of this special soul food in every bite. They added just enough spices to make everyone taste buds happy.

I can describe the food in one word: Fabulous! This is not your ordinary food. The Breakfast Klub owners thought of new ways to spice up breakfast. For example, “Chicken and Waffles”, and “Catfish and Grits” are some of their famous entrees there. These down south meals are customers’ favorites and they are delicious! Kenneth Brown Jr., customer said, “I would have never thought that the Catfish and Grits would be such a great combination”.

You just do not go for the food, but for the whole atmosphere. For example, there is wonderful jazz music that makes the heart smile. I like the fact that the owners appreciate that kind of music, because now of days you do not hear that type anymore. Soothing music like jazz makes the experience of The Breakfast Klub more enjoyable.

To be honest, The Breakfast Klub is not anything to see from the outside. It is mainly a rectangular- shaped restaurant with only windows in the front. But, when you walk inside, it is very different. There is New Orleans- like paintings on the walls, which are very colorful and imaginative. It is amazing because it is pictures of musicians playing trumpets and trombones and people dancing and having a good time. There are huge round tables to sit and enjoy your breakfast. The tables are nice and dark-wooded, so it adds just the right amount of contrast to the colorful walls.

When you first visit The Breakfast Klub, you cannot be afraid to experience different types of food. Do not get me wrong, they do have original breakfast foods like sausage, and bacon & eggs, but it has a more soulful taste. They give you a hearty meal that will make you full. For example, their pancakes fill the whole plate and the fact that you get 3 of theses plate fillers lets you know you cannot finish all of them.

The atmosphere is different than at major breakfast places like IHOP. The Breakfast Klub is different because it does not have the commercials to sell their products like IHOP It makes it better to go to a restaurant that you do not see on television, because you are not relying on actors to tell you if it is good, but you have to taste it for yourself.




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