Reliant Stadium by Daniel Gerber

2 Reliant Park
Houston, TX 77054

November 2010–Wow! What can I say? Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that I have ever seen. I was fortunate enough to be able to be in the most amazing event in the world, the holiest of holy days, the beloved Super Bowl. The super bowl to me is a holiday, a day you spend watching the big screen television and stuffing your face eating hot wings, while watching your favorite team win the big one. It’s a day when all your friends are together and your always dream about being able to be there on the field with the players, just one time. Well, this was my one time.

I was offered by one of my friends to maybe, by chance, do some security for the Super Bowl. After going through hours of orientation I was now able to be one of the people working at the Super Bowl, but I never dreamed it would turn out like it did. The day I got the stadium it was overcast, wet, and cold, but oh so wonderful. Once I arrived I was brought to the Astrodome, or now called Reliant Astrodome. Just walking into the Reliant Astrodome brought memories of past experiences. All security personnel were directed to one area and assigned to a supervisor. The are many levels to the security at an event like this. You have to have security positioned all around the stadium and many outside for assistance. Most security actually never enter the stadium, most are directed to help with traffic and basic duties on the inner borders of the stadium. Most however never have the chance of being near the field, yet alone on the field. By pure luck, I was chosen to be one of only twelve personnel to be able to secure the field. Hearing that I was going to be on the field was one of the best moments of my life.

I stepped out on the field, and it was so beautiful. The roof was open, the sun was beginning to shine and people were grooming the field and preparing for the greatest day for all man-kind. I was stationed at the ten yard line of the field, and ESPN, a sports network, was shooting live for all the world to see all of the stadiums magnificence. As the day went on, football players started coming out onto the field and many more reporters and camera crews began showing up. What was so amazing is that I was able to see what went on behind the scenes on how a Super Bowl is run. Wow! Not to much longer and the big show was going to happen.

Lights, camera, action, the Super Bowl in all of its glory was beginning. The pre-game celebrations were beginning, and Houston was showing its self off to all the world to see. Aerosmith began the pre-game show and were on stage right behind me. I was so close that if I wanted to touch the stage I could have. Beonce Knowles, a beautiful famous recoding artist, sang her heart out for the national anthem and the entire crowd was waving their national flags, brought a strong feeling of pride and amazement. Many of the cheerleaders and pre-game dancers had tears in their eyes when the song was over, but not to much longer the game was to begin, and all my dreams were coming true.

The game was amazing, the amount of people, the sheer magnitude of the stadium, and the actions was just so great. Many people have reported that this single, solitary game was one of the best Super Bowls to be ever played. Many reasons why this was is because the amazing Reliant Stadium and its Reliant Arena and Astrodome.

The halftime show this year was one of the most controversial shows in all of Super Bowl history. There was more T & A ( meaning not to much clothes), than in all of Super Bowls past. Well, because I was security I was positioned right near the stage and right next to many cheerleaders. Every mans dream come true! I was also able to see the controversial stripping of Janet Jackson. This was not the icing on the cake, but that soon was to be found out. Towards the beginning of the third quarter, just after Halftime, a streaker was parading on the fifty yard line in a partial umpires uniform and g-string. I was shoved by a fellow officer and was directed to go after him, and take him out. So like any normal person who would be given the option to run out on the field, I proceeded to exuberantly run as fast as I could to get this man. As I was running I, for a split second, felt like I was one of the players going to tackle my opponent. I got to the man just as he was being tackled by many officers, but I got a helping hand in there. On the way back to the sidelines, I took my sweet time to realize that I just ran out onto the field, in which the Super Bowl was being played. With the heat of the moment I gave hugs to many of the cheerleaders as I was heading back to the side. Being in the presence of such beautiful cheerleader, and also the stadium made this such a wonderful experience.

There are also many things about the stadium that most people don’t know, even some people that live in Houston. There are many things that are incorporated with Reliant Stadium, in which many people can also enjoy.

Recognized as one of NFL’s (National Football League) proudest venues, Reliant Stadium is the home of the Houston Texans, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. As one of the most beloved Houston Attractions and the grand jewel of the new Reliant Park sports and entertainment complex, the Reliant Stadium features the only NFL stadium with a retractable roof. Reliant Park featured the Reliant Astrodome (previous home of the Houston Astros Baseball and Houston Oiler Football), Reliant Arena, and Reliant Center. With more than a million feet of flexible event space, this Houston attraction is an equally popular destination for business travelers and event planners.
Built two years ago, people are still in awe of the sheer magnitude of the place. The stadium is a rectangular shape, seating over 69,500 people, and expansive glass on all four sides of the structure. Massive red and black “Reliant Stadium” decorates the north and south sides of the venue. The building is surrounded by iron fences and dense landscaping, as well a colored pavement to match the building. The large two part retractable roof put the icing on the cake. When the paying customer goes through the security gates, you enter the large “Budweiser Plaza,” where you can enjoy the pre-game festivities and entertainment. From this point there are four “gates”, one on each side of the stadium. Each gate is named after a corporate sponsor (The Ford gate, the Gallery Furniture gate, and Etc…)

What makes this place a great place to visit is being there for one of the games, the place explodes with energy. They even have a part of the stadium where the most die hard fans come to watch the football games, in seats called the “bull pen.” You find some of the most devout Texan fans here. I actually have been to a few games at the stadium and each time is better that the last.

Not only do you get Football at this stadium, but the Live Stock Show and Rodeo. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest Rodeo in the world, and the largest Livestock show in the world, and the second largest festival in North America. Started in Houston, it has grown into a three week spectacle with premier concerts, entertainment, top of the line rodeo competition and thousands of livestock entries. We Texans know how to have a good time. The atmosphere at the Rodeo speaks for itself. Almost everyone is wearing cowboy hats and boots and getting into the Texas spirit.

Reliant Stadium is a great place to come to visit if your are a business person, sports enthusiast, or just a smart person for understanding that Reliant Stadium and its counterparts are great places to come visit. Reliant Stadium is a great place to bring the whole family, big or little, and it will be worth the effort. So next time your in Texas and you want some good southern hospitality come to Houston and the Reliant Stadium.



Reliant Stadium


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