Best Buy – Store 357 “Thousands of Possibilities, Get Yours”

5692 Fairmont Pkwy
Pasadena, TX 77505

The sound of “Turn on the fun, Best Buy,” or “Thousands of possibilities, get yours, Best Buy” on a local television channel or radio station might grab most peoples’ attention as a good place to go to meet your electronic needs, but for me it’s my home away from home. Best Buy gives a complete solution for it’s loyal customers by providing a comfortable environment, friendly and knowledgeable employees, great selection, and most importantly affordable prices. Nothing stands out more about Best Buy than the enormous yellow tag towering above the entrance into this electronic dream world were you don’t only get to shop, but play with products before you take them home so you know that’s the one for you.

In today’s nation-wide retail store Best Buy, there are over five hundred stores that span from the West to East coast and even in parts of Canada. Each store has its unique attributes contributed by the people who run them and the people who run through them. Although unique in most ways, they also all consist of the same seven departments, which are: Media, Mobile Electronics, Computers, Appliances, Home Theater, Digital Imaging, and Wireless. These seven departments bring out the meaning of “complete solution” that Best Buy offers its customers on a daily basis.

As an employee of Best Buy, the experience is one in the same as a typical customer plus a lot more. Working at the Pasadena 357 store is an original experience because of the different kinds of people who you come in contact with. This really brings out the sense of being in Houston because of all the diverse ethnicities that inhabit it. I specifically work in the Mobile Electronics department that carries various products for your car such as new cd players, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, mobile video, and satellite radio. My job is to talk to a customer and help them decide on a single or multiple products that are going to fit their needs the best.

You can also tell the difference in generations and how Houston has evolved over the years by the variances in age groups that come in. There are always parents coming in to get their son or daughter a new radio for that special “first” car or even getting radios for their vehicles. I will always remember this customer named David who walked in about a year and a half ago just browsing around the store and moseyed over to the Mobile Electronics department. Like always, I said, “Hi, my name is Richard, can I help you find anything today?” and like always, he replied, “Nope, just looking.” I didn’t really mind it much; besides, saying “just looking” is people’s natural instinct walking into a retail store. So I went off to the XM Satellite Radio display to crank up the volume on the already ear-deafening Metallica music.

He came back about two days later while I was working and I noticed a really confused look on his face as he stared at one of our Rockford Fosgate amplifiers on the back wall. I walked over, introduced myself again, and began to ask him a couple of simple lifestyle questions like, “What kind of vehicle do you have?” and “What are you looking to do to it?” Come to find out, he and I have the same exact trucks, 2002 Chevrolet Silverado Ext. Cab, and was looking to replace all four speakers initially and maybe add an amplifier and some subwoofers later down the road.

After a while I looked down at my watch to see what time it was, it was six o’ clock. We had been rambling on about several subjects including car electronics, drag racing, and his wife for almost two hours straight. We finished our current topic and I moved on to the last step of my job, getting customers into the product they need. He asked me to just go ahead and get a basket and load up everything I thought he needed. So I did exactly that. I was in a dead sprint to the front of the store and back to get a basket and loaded up his new Pioneer speakers, 6 ½ for the front doors and 5 ¼ for the back, a 600 and 1200 watt Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, a 4 gauge dual amplifier wiring kit, and a form that had the installation sku’s for the amplifiers. As I walked him up to the front, he thanked me for all of my time and told me that this was the best shopping experience he has had in his entire life. I thanked him for shopping at Best Buy and told him if he had anymore question to feel free to ask anyone.

The great thing about that day was it set a certain standard in my head that I needed to reach with every single customer from when I punched in to punch out. That’s what Best Buy, Store 357, is all about to me, helping the people of the Houston area get what they need. Every time you walk into my store you can see the smiles on peoples faces as they walk in and out the door because they are either coming in to fulfill their product need or going out with that certain something they just had to have.

Best Buy has become a home away from home because it’s not only my job, but I’ve also developed a second family by working side by side with the same people for almost two years. I would recommend anyone to be a part of Best Buy in any possible form no matter if it’s as an employee or as a loyal customer. Each day that I wake up and put on my blues and kakis, I know that when I walk into my Best Buy (store 357), I’m going to do what I love which is help inform people on what car audio product would best meet their needs. To me, the slogan, “Thousands of possibilities, get yours,” means exactly that. My possibility was to be a part of a great company and I got it.

Although my particular store isn’t the only one in the Houston area, actually there are eight different Best Buys, there is defiantly a piece of Houston that is embedded the store from all the different people who come in. With surrounding retail competition like Circuit City and Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy still remains Houston’s number one place to meet your electronic needs without spending an arm and a leg.



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