‎A Place that Offers More than What Is Needed by Christina Latson

3839 Weslayan Street,
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 871-8955

November 2010-People might imagine Houstonians to be country hillbillies or western cowboys and cowgirls who ride horses and tractors throughout the day. The truth is that this is a metropolitan area that offers a lot of opportunity for employment and homes. We have many shopping malls, the rodeo, Fright fest, the aquarium, and many other fun attractions. Not only can we provide you with quality entertainment but we can also show you some good southern hospitality that will make you feel at home and comfortable while visiting or even staying in our community.

Houston also has nonstop conventions, concerts, and car shows to entertain the people but we don’t just care about that education plays a big part here too; that’s why we also have so many opportunities for people to become well educated. We are a very diverse society that is open to new ideas and new experiences so come join the ride. One of my favorite places that provide a new experience in the city is Edwards Theater located on the corner of Wesleyan St. Where all come from near and far of every hue, to enjoy a night out on the town.

Looking through these big glass doors and windows, I see plenty of people interacting and moving across the glossy hard tile floors in the entrance area of the building. As I came through the glass doors into the immense space with tall colored walls and high ceilings, curious as to why they seem so happy. I then, realized that they really must be enjoying their time here and the company that came in with them. The sounds of shoes hitting the floor, people conversing, and employees conducting business filled my ears as I walked through the building late in the evening when the younger crowd was out and was amazed at how they all seem so interested in one another. When satisfied with my assumption I noticed to my right an escalator that seems as though it might go up far into the sky and touch the clouds of heaven. There are three other establishments that I enjoy in this same building that adds to your experience at Edwards. If you come around this time of day you may notice more commotion than when you may come in the mornings when it is quieter and the older more civilized crowd is out. As I walked over to the ticket booth that has eight box offices for the convenience of customers.

After buying my ticket I proceeded to walk to my left, to the theater lobby area. While I was walking through the many people passing by to go grab a bite to eat at the café across the room, or running to get a double scoop cone at the creamery. I begin to smell the fresh popcorn, nacho cheese, and tortilla chips fill my nostrils before I entered the lobby and passed the concession stand. Too my surprise, I only had reached the point where red velvet ropes and a ticket man awaited me. When I finally enter the theater I am amazed at how clear the pictures are on their screens. Stadium seating, digital sound, listening devices, and reclinable chairs with adjustable arm rest give you more space to stretch out; these are luxuries of the Edwards that you may enjoy. The fabric of the chairs is soft and relaxing, leaving an intensified satisfaction at the whole experience.

When it is time to depart, you either go to the parking lot through the building, where it has elevator access directly to the garage, or to the valet where they will go and get your car. If you want to have a casual date, or just a pleasant night out on the town, come out to Edwards. Compare it to any other theater and it wins hands down, no matter what. You either can see a movie, go eat, play games until it close or get an ice cream cone. What other place can give you that kind of service! This business is located of Southwest fifty-nine freeway by the Compaq center on 3839 Wesleyan Street. According to the internet, it is a part of a movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee but the theater itself is within a corporation of cinema theaters that are privately owned and incorporated since 1930, with a perspective to provide a total entertainment experience. Their guests obviously continue to feel comfortable and enjoy what they offer because they return again and again.

The theater corporation has really accomplished what they set out to do. It’s evident that customers enjoy themselves and choose to come back from time to time because the business is still up and booming. It consist of three other establishments such as a restaurant, game room, and marble slab creamery all in this two story building also known as the palace of fun with one theater downstairs next to the ticket booth and another upstairs. Just think if a girl such as me could find happiness within those theater walls then it’s possible for someone else to have a good experience there. I can remember a time when I saw an old middle school friend there he walked up and spoke to me. He said hey, asked me how I had been, I introduced him to my friends; we shared a laugh, and exchanged numbers then went our separate ways.

Here I realized if I hadn’t come to Edwards that would have never happened and a friend would still be lost. This is a four in one combo place of fun that would be pretty hard to pass up. Especially if you really want to impress a hot date, guys. It’s known to be a smooching domain for couples on a late night. Even though some may complain about the movie prices and parking fee being so expensive, I believe that it’s reasonable if used sparingly. Also, you’re receiving quality service with a smile and immediate help if needed. Why pass up such a good offer? This spot in Houston is where you should want to be, somewhere that provides entertainment, visible security, a variety of options other than a film and leaves you with a big smile from ear to ear.

Edwards fits in with the go with the flow, as long as it’s fun perspective of the present day Houstonians. It can provide at any time of day a place for people to free their minds, relax, and leave them fully satisfied with the purchase they’ve made. When you venture inside these doors it shows what kind of exceptional service Houston wants for its citizens. This is the place that’s right for you with the scents of popcorn, theater food, a mix of fragrances, clean air, and restaurant delicatessens aroma filling the air on each corner you turn. As you look around and perceive the sounds of people enjoying time together, playing, and simply just doing their jobs around you. You come to notice there’s something for everyone who comes in whether they’re dressed casually in jeans and a shirt, or dressed to impress, ranging from two months to eighty years of age they all have a place here. These walls can give more than what is needed when you think of having a quiet night at the movies or enjoying sometime away from home.

You’ll make memories and have good times to look back on for years and years to come. When I think about the Edwards, I remember a time when I had a night out with a special friend and his buddy tagged along for a movie and dinner. So after we got into the restaurant located in Edwards we talked, laughed, and joked around. About three minutes later his friend decides to go to the restroom so my friend and I plotted a prank to salt his drink so we did. Then he returns and sat at the table, took a sip of his drink and looked up at us and said nothing. Therefore since we could barely hold in our laugh we asked him “ how is your drink?” he replies with his New York accent “man that was mad salty” and we all broke out into a raucous of laughter.

Come here to have fun, make memories, receive exceptional service, security, be in a clean environment, or just to see what all the fuss is about.



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Author Bio

The author of this profile name is Christina Latson. She is a student who attends school at the University of Houston-Downtownon on one main St. in Houston, Tx. She is a first year student who plans to major in nursing when the time for her to declare a major comes. She enjoys reading, volleyball, dancing, and chilling with her friends. She was born in Galveston, Tx and grew up moving from city to city now she currently resides in Houston, Tx. She is a very intelligent, outgoing, friendly person that you will enjoy being around. Math is not a strong subject for her but she tries her best at it anyway. Graduating school, working, and taking care of her responsibilities are her main priorities. Living life to her advantage is what she strives for each day she awakes. Overall she is focused on what is important and she does what is needed to be successful in life.


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