“A Church with True Holy Spirit”: Grace Church of Humble, Texas by Nikkea Porter

7224 N Sam Houston Pkwy E,

 Humble, Tx ( 281)-441-1111

  November 2010 I am attending services one Sunday at Grace Church, in Humble  Texas, when I see a red light blinking beneath the pew in front of me. My daughter and I are sitting in the sanctuary, five rows back from the podium. I was getting ready to enjoy yet another service and listening to the gospel music being played over the speakers when I first saw the blinking light. Now I send my five year old daughter to pick it up; I look at it and realize that it is an earpiece to someone’s cell phone, a bluetooth. I look around to find its owner, but no one is close enough to ask. I shrug my shoulders and say to my daughter, “Let’s return it to the information desk at the end of service.” A few seconds later a man sits across from us, and just out of curiosity, I told Cheyenne to ask the man if it is his Bluetooth that we just found on the floor.

“Is this yours?” she asks shyly, in a low voice.

“Yes,” he nods, surprised. Cheyenne comes back over to me and tells me it was his and that she gave it back to him. I think nothing of it and am glad to have done a good deed for someone at church.

About five minutes later he came over and shook my hand, as he places something in my hand he say’s, “Sister, I just want to bless you with something for returning my Bluetooth,” he smiles. Normally I would not accept something for doing a kind deed but since he wants to bless me, and he seems very adamant, I accept it. Still not knowing what he has given me I thank him and say, “No problem,” continue the services feeling rather grateful. I kind of glance in my hand and see that it is money but he has folded it a dozen times and I can’t make out the denomination of the bill. Later when service was over and on my way to my car I look in my hand to see what he has given me, to my surprise it is a hundred dollar bill. By this time I can’t believe what has just happened, “who would do such wonderful thing for a complete stranger like myself?” That is very generous of that man and he didn’t have to do that. I feel very blessed and that God might have something to do with it. I imagine if we could all do such kind deeds for each other, the world can be a different place. His kindness I felt far surpassed returning his Bluetooth, as he could have bought three with the hundred dollars he gave me.

The first time I laid eyes on Grace Church was in August of 2009. I had just moved to Humble, Texas from Hartford, Connecticut and lived on the same street as the church. Churches in Houston are a big deal as Texas is in the “Bible Belt.” I have taken notice of all the big churches here in Houston. Coming from Connecticut, Houston is a vast difference between church goers, some of the differences are the locations of churches, the types of people, and the services. While I was passing on the Beltway one day I noticed how big and beautiful the building appeared to be from a distance. Right then I said to myself, “Wow, I sure would like to visit that church.” It seems like a modern church, like it is newly built, the whole area around the church is newly built. I was compelled to go and see what kind of people worshiped there. The parking lot that was large enough to park hundreds of vehicles, but the building just looked so inviting to me. I always imagine what it would be like to attend a large church, would I get a personal feeling if there are too many people there. I guess I will have to go and find out for myself. 

 On Sunday morning we all got up around 10:00am and we decided to make the 11:30am service. We arrive at the church parking lot at 11:15am and already the lot is full, there are people looking for parking spots, parking lot crews directing traffic, and golf carts riding people to the front door from their cars. Everyone looks great all dressed up for Church, the crowd consists of all different ethnic groups of all ages scurrying to get in on time to their seat. I see golf carts carting people to the front door, I am amazed. Many Americans assume that Texas is big and Texans do things big. I say to my husband, “This must be something only done in Houston, everything sure is Big in Texas” and we laugh. We never saw such first class service from the churches where we come from. We park furthest from the front door so we can just get inside on time and of course we take the golf cart to the entrance. I thought that was very nice because the Texas sun was already hot that morning and the far walk would have caused us to work up a sweat. My daughter thought the golf cart ride was the best thing she could have done that day because all day I had to hear “Mommy are we going to ride that cart again?”

We arrive in the front glass doors and instantly I feel comfortable. The air conditioning was cool and nice and there was a fresh clean smell in the air. We were next greeted by a smiling faced woman who is passing out program flyers. I asked her if there was Sunday school for the children. She pointed to the stairs and said the daycare is upstairs. There are flat screen televisions in the halls for people who want to watch from outside the sanctuary. As we go up the stairs I notice how nicely decorated and organized the church is. At the daycare there is a check in for parents to get there child into their appropriate class. I am greeted by an elderly man who asked what her name and age is he proceeded to write it on a sticker and put it on her dress. I then had to fill out a form with all my pertinent info. My daughter was now escorted with the children in her age group; she seemed interested in playing with the other children.

We go back downstairs to the sanctuary and find a seat; there are ushers there to seat us right away. I look around and see that there are flags of every different nation hanging in flagpoles at the top of the walls. I see three projection screen with serene landscape pictures on them, there is hundreds of people inside already and everyone seems nice and polite. The air is cool and fresh, one the stage there is a drums set, keyboard, and all kinds other speakers and musical equipment. The band comes out and takes their positions on stage and begins to play music. The sound was great and they looked very professional. The choir comes out and the rest of the lead singers and they begin to sing a gospel song. Everyone stands up and starts clapping and swaying from left to right. My husband and I stand up and look around; I for sure was surprised how good the choir and the band sound. They sing four or five songs and the preacher comes up and starts thanking everyone for coming into the house of the Lord. He thanks and greets all visitors and says that we should stop out in the lobby to receive a gift from them.

During the sermon I feel good, I feel like this was a genuine Church with true Holy Spirit. I like how the bible verses are quoted and put up on the projection for all to view. I love the seats and design of the building. My husband also thought this could be a church that we can attend more often. After the sermon was over we went back upstairs to pick up our daughter. She came running to us with all her paperwork that she had colored during service. I was glad that she was also learning in her own capacity about the Lord and that she was able to interact with the other children as she is an only child. We went down stairs to the visitors greeting area and where given a gift and signed our names and information on a visitor’s card. The woman who was speaking with us is such a nice lady and invites us to come again. We have continued attending the church for a year now and have become members.

I now sing in the choir as an alto and have such a good time at it. I have become president of our church chapter of Toastmasters, which is a public speaking club. On the contrary Houston has lots of excitement and many varieties to fit ones preference. I am meeting so many like mined people and doing the things that I have always wanted to do with my life. Houston really has lots to offer differently from . My first thoughts of attending a large church have vanished and will never be the same. Great things are taking shape in our lives and I am glad I went to Grace Church. It was the best experience for me and my family.
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Author Bio:

Student of UHD Majoring in Communications, currently working as an Independent Senior consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Loves spending time with her friends and family and making genuine relationships with others.  A mother of a five year old girl and wife to a wonderful husband from Jamaica. Spends vacations on the Isand of jamaica enjoying jerk chicken and fish by the beach. Her future indeavors are to become a Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.




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