In the Pews: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Chris White

5008 Calhoun Rd

January 2004–Every Sunday I have the opportunity to attend a place with my family where we can all learn and bond. I love going to church because I get to take a break from the everyday rush that has a tendency to stress me out all week long. I always take a sigh of relief when the week is over realizing that I now have the chance to relax with my family and go to church. The only time that I miss a church service is when some type of emergency has occurred or when there is something urgent that needs to be taken care of.

The last time that I missed church was because my grandmother had a condition that required her to reside at the hospital for one whole week. That one Sunday we all decided to go down to the hospital as a family and visit her. We thought it would be a good idea to sort of take church to her since she could not be there and enjoy it with the rest of us. So, when we got there we opened up the bible and read a few of her favorite scriptures to her, comforting her that she would be alright if she just continued to endure to the end. After all was said and done, I felt just as good as I do when present in church sitting up in the front on the first pew.

One of the reasons that I like to go to church is because it gives me the ability to spend some good quality time with the ones I love, my family. During the week, everyone has many responsibilities and tasks to complete isolating us from each other. When I come home from school everyday I normally spend my entire evening working with my head in the books until I go to bed. Repeating this process all week deprives me from being able to join the rest of the family in regular activities that we do together. My desire to finish all of my homework at one time, which I find more efficient, does not always allow time for me to eat dinner with the rest of my family. While my sisters and I are busy finishing off our homework in order to stay ahead of our school obligations, my mother comes home and promptly begins to cook dinner. My father on the other hand does not arrive home from work until later after dinner is prepared and I am ready to go to sleep. Consequently, you can understand my excitement that emerges as the weekend approaches.

The other reason why I enjoy attending church is because it is also a place to seek spiritual salvation while so many bad things continue to happen in the world today. It feels good to be able to hear something positive and to be uplifted on Sunday once a week. All week I get to listen, learn and expand my mind academically in school, but at the end of every week, I feel like I still need something else. Church helps me start my week off right and allows me to go back into the world with a optimistic outlook on things. To me church is like a refuge from the rest of the world where I can go when I am confused or need some guidance in life. There is always someone or something there that can help me and give me what I need. Naturally, I seek refuge to this religious place once, sometimes twice a when I can find time, because it builds me up and makes me feel good after I have been surrounded by so much negativity and many so sins of the world all week long. In church, I do not have to worry about anything negatively influencing or harmfully pressuring me. Accordingly, I feel safe and secure Sunday morning when I sit with my family on the pew listening to what is being said. So therefore, I try my best to take advantage of every opportunity that I have to unite with my relatives and be present at this place.

The name of my church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is located in Houston, Texas right down the road from my house. My family and I have been attending this church for all eighteen years of my life and several years before I was born. The building is a clean one story with many windows and several doors providing an easy entrance to all who wish to enter. From the front you can see a steeple located on the roof surrounded by several trees enhancing the beautiful landscape. Inside, the facility includes a wood-floor gym, which is used during church basketball season, accompanied by two ten-foot basketball goals. The main attraction is the stunning chapel that has wonderful lighting, a wooden pulpit, several rows of pews, and a microphone with an equipped sound system.

My church is a nice place to relax and magnify my testimony of the bible and all it has to offer. Inside the church, it has a special kind of atmosphere that is attractive to all who experience and take advantage of it when they visit it. The best word that would describe it is reverent because we all have to assist in creating the desired environment by maintaining a specific level of reverence every week. A reverent environment could be described as a calm learning atmosphere, which shows respect to the deity we worship. As a result of obtaining this setting I can go and relax while still being able to seek out the spiritual salvation I long for. Sustaining this situation is essential every time we attend so that we can all achieve the same goal each time we enter the holy place. This makes this task very important and overall the primary objective every time so that the meetings can proceed week after week.

To me, church is also a fun place to go because the familiar building is the place where many of my fondest memories have taken place. I always begin to remember the good times my family and I have had as I sit in church every week. The funny memories I have are often initiated by something that I see or hear while I am sitting in there. I can remember when my little brother, who can never sit still anywhere to long, was trying very hard to open a bag of chips while not paying attention. As he made a lot of noise trying to open them, everyone began to turn around to see what all the racket was about. After everyone’s attention was detoured from the speaker to him, the bag immediately ripped open and the chips flew everywhere. My mother, who was extremely embarrassed at this point, instantaneously took him outside and reprimanded him. My father and I, who found the incident humorous, just shook our heads and laughed. Although, my little brother’s actions where unnecessary and inexcusable, I still found them to be hilarious. Later on when we got home our family discussed how funny but embarrassing what he did was. My mother, who was humiliated, was eventually able to forgive my brother for what he did. This is just one of many fun memories I have that took place in church.

My church is a good place for anyone who would like to attend. All types of people attend that differ in many ways. There are people there from several different origins and backgrounds that attend on a regular basis. Much of the populace has come from other countries creating a very diverse population of cultures, languages, and practices. We all come together on Sunday to worship and practice the same religion. There are many people there that can speak Spanish and there are some that speak languages from other continents overseas. The diverse cultures and backgrounds help in the creation of a fun learning place where we can all learn from each other.

The weekly service consists of three meetings everyone has the chance to attend that are all different, but have the same aim. Each meeting opens and closes with spiritual requests and thanks as everyone bows their heads. The next meeting is more interactive and involves more text research as a group. This is clearly a time to express opinions and make comments creating a better learning environment for all to participate. The final meeting is more personal relating specifically to you as an individual and is segregated according to gender. Later after all the meetings are complete, every person migrates to a more casual area for social interest, and within a few minutes disperses to their place of residence. There, they will continue a less formal practice and enjoy the company of their family and loved ones.

Once a week I enter this building to sit quietly with others. Here there is great opportunity to learn as you listen to what each person has to say. The setting here is very similar to that of a classroom in which many people quietly sit, listen, and learn, while someone teaches and speaks. In this meetinghouse, everyone assists in maintaining a level of reverence in hopes to achieve a knowledge of something more celestial and beyond this world. The purpose of this meeting is to worship that which is greater than us, and to renew our covenants that we have made from previous meetings. Row after row everyone sits carefully and pays attention to what is being said, because after all this is partially the reason of everyone’s attendance here. Several different emotions can be observed within this time ranging from joy to sadness, but the overall mood could be described as content.

Hence, my church is a good a place that I like and enjoy attending for several reasons. There I can not only spend good quality time with my family who I do not get to see often but also relax and seek refuge from the world as I advance to magnify my testimony. My church is place where many of my fun memories with my family and others have taken place. I think that my church is the best place to go for anyone who wants to relax or seek the guidance needed in there life. There you can seek spiritual salvation while spending time with the ones that you love the most in your life. It is apparent that if you want to learn, worship, and have fun my church is the best place to go.



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