Paradise Close to the City: Bentwater by Marcela Mesa

Bentwater Drive
Montgomery, TX 77356


April 2004–Montgomery is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States , which maintains an exceptional quality of life, thanks to natural jewels such as 22,000-acre Lake Conroe and 161,000 acre Sam Houston National Forest. Conroe was established in 1885. Bentwater, a neighborhood/country club that is nestled on the preferred north shore of Lake Conroe, Montgomery, offers gate-guarded access and private streets. With amenities such as 36 holes of world-class gulf, a prestigious Country Club, elegant Yacht Club, restaurants, and so much more, Bentwater is a paradise close to a great city, Houston .
Even before you see the neighborhood, you can admire the sparkling blue waters of Lake Conroe . Bentwater provides its home owners with a yacht club where they can enjoy the lake and sail for hours on end, but the glistening copper dome of the Bentwater Yacht Club will always be there to welcome them back home. Also, high atop the harbormaster’s observation deck, members are treated themselves to panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets. Many homeowners take advantage the full-service marina provided by the Yacht Club, which is the focal point of Bentwater lush, lakefront lifestyle. It’s also a place for landlubbers, with fine dining and a lakeside club. The waterfront pool is a popular spot for swimmers and sun worshippers of all ages.

This neighborhood is more appealing to adults. For example, it has a golf course with a spectacular setting that golf course designers dream about. It’s no wonder golf is the main attraction at the prestigious Bentwater Country Club, where two 18-hole golf courses offer distinctly different playing experiences. The Weiskopf Course was designed by tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, and The Miller Course was created by internationally acclaimed designer Scott Miller. The clubhouse serves up fine and casual dining, and hardly a day goes by without a fun social event for every member of the community.

When people buy property in Bentwater, they can design their own house with certain rules to be followed. As you drive in the neighborhood, you realize that the neighborhood is divided in sections where some homes are more expensive than others; this is one of the requirements for a designed to be approved. Or people may also buy a house that is already designed and built by a construction company provided by the neighborhood, which are the ones who build all the houses. After a property owner designs his or her house, it has to be approved by a management association. You may find houses anywhere from the lowest price being $250,000 the extreme of $5 million or more.

For those who are not home owners and would like to have access to the beautiful features of Bentwater, the “Villas” are available. This is a small section inside the heart of Bentwater. It is full of small furnished houses which are rented to the public. Each house has any kind of accommodation needed in order to have pleasantry stay. Each one has a kitchen, a bedroom, living room, dining room, parking lot, and appliances. Those who rent these houses, have access to all the amenities offered by Bentwater. During their stay at the Villas, visitors may take tours around the neighborhood offered to view the newest available homes (On the Home-front).

For people who love to sail, the Bentwater Marina found in the Yacht Club offers any kind of service needed. There is a Ship’s Store, boat launching facilities, a fueling station, and an open pier for quick stops at the restaurant during the day. The marina also offers “parking” rentals for property and boat owners to keep their “toys” in a safe and protected place. Also, for those who would like to enjoy this beautiful and fun feature, but do not have boats or any aquatic vehicles, the Bentwater Marina has boat rentals.

My father is a man who likes giving his family the chance to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives us, which is why my family and I moved to the United States from Colombia about four and a half years ago; he wanted to give us a better lifestyle. My dad loves water and extreme sports, such as jet-skiing. Although we currently live in Sugar Land, when he first heart about Bentwater and its amenities, his impression was so great, he went and bought a lot with the idea of building a house in the future, which has not even been built yet. Such was his short term of patience, that after having the lot for a few months he bought a pair of jet-skies; he could not wait to make use of what was available to us by being land owners.

On a random Sunday last summer, my dad woke up early and did not have anything to do; he decided to wake everyone up in the house, because he wanted to go jet-skiing. Even though it was five of us already including my parents, sisters, and I, he told me I could invite a friend, Eric. Even though it was Eric’s first time riding a jet-ski, he seemed very enthusiastic and confident about getting on one. My dad, sisters and I had gone many times before.

When we first got there, my dad and Eric wanted to test the jet-skies out, but while in the middle of the lake, Eric’s jet-ski broke down. They had to pull it into The Marina by tying a rope from one jet-ski to the other. My dad thought it had just run out of gas, but when he checked it, he figured out it was something else he could not fix. This left us with only one jet-ski for the rest of the day.

Due to the breakdown of the first jet-ski, unfortunately we now had to take turns on riding the only one that was working. The first one to ride it was my dad; he wanted to make sure that nothing would happen to this one too. When he got back, I rode it for a while by myself first, which gave me the opportunity to drive it any way desired. I drove it very slow inside the marina because it is a residential area, but once I got out of it, I started going vary fast. I could feel little sprinkles of water hitting my face, they hit hard, but not to a point where I felt pain, it gave me enjoyment of the speed I was going. Unfortunately, joy does not last forever, the second time I had to go with one of my sisters which was not bad, but not as fun as going by myself. The best part of riding a jet-ski with my sister was that when I sped and made a sharp turn without her expecting it, she would fall off, which is very funny. After a while we got tired and decided to get off and go to the pool and rest. That is when Eric had a chance to get on one again. While he was riding, it seemed as he was having fun; he was going very fast and making sharp turns so all the water would splash back at him. For it being his first time, he made it seem like he was an expert. He was on it for quite a long time without putting any gas in it, but nothing happened to it while he was on.

Now it was my other sister’s turn. She had always liked to ride jet skies by herself but was never able to because of her age. Even though she was still not old enough to do it, my dad let her do it because he knows that she could manage driving one very well. She was very happy when she heard that she would have the opportunity of riding it by herself, so as soon as she got on, she went straight into the middle of the lake and started making sharp turns and speeding up. Even though she was having a lot of fun, about 10 minutes of riding, the jet-ski ran out of gas far from the Bentwater Marina. As soon as we realized that she was stuck out there by herself, my mom started to laugh and joking, she yelled out “get off and start pushing it in.” Even though she was disappointed, she still got off and started to do it. All of us started laughing. She was mad. She thought we were laughing because she was stuck, not because of what my mom told her to do. The only solution we had was to go to The Marina and let the guys that work there know what had happened, which is why one of them got a little boat and went to get her. He tied a rope to the jet-ski and pulled it in, similar to the way my dad and Eric did with the first one. Once they arrived to The Marina, they looked at the jet-ski to see what had happened, and this is when they realized that it had ran out of gas. The service that The Marina workers provided us was excellent. They were paying close attention to what was going on with us at all times at no charge. The only things that we had to pay for were the gas they put in the jet-skies and the food we had once we got hungry.

Bentwater is like a small city where, at walking distance, you can find anything you may need, but with a sense of elegance. It is a wonderful place to visit, and also a better place to live in with an excellent school district; within 10 minutes there are features such as a great outlet mall and the old, beautiful county of Montgomery , which people want to maintain as a traditional town.

Due to all these reasons and many, many more, is why we can conclude by saying that Bentwater is a paradise in the middle of nature, but so close to a great city, Houston .



Bentwater Home-site

Water Sports

Jet Skies

Jet Skiing Competitions
Jet Skiing Art


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