A Memory of Home: Cafe Trinh by Uyen Nguyen

11341 Veterans Memorial
Houston, TX 77067

January 2004–Now that I live in Houston, some of memories of Viet Nam have become more pronounced. These remembrances make me aware of how far I traveled, the gap between the home I knew and the home I know now, and the ways I try to bridge that gap.

A very special place I have visited in my life time I would never forget is Da Lat city. I have heard of the city from tourists from all over the world and I still admire it after visiting it . Da Lat is a city located on the Central of Viet Nam. The city is well known as the most beautiful place in Viet Nam. Everyone in Viet Nam has visited it at least once in their life time. Da Lat is famous for its natural landscapes; for example, the climate, the lakes, waterfalls, the Romantic hill, pines hill with two graves, and so on.

Da Lat is a very special city in Viet Nam because its climate is different from other locations, which is always cool and humid all year round. People wear sweaters to go outside. It seems very strange for me when I visit the city. A bout a mile before getting to the city, it appears that the city is covered with fog. I could feel the chillness touching my skin as I drove along. I t is also really difficult to get to the city. On one side of the road is the mountain and on the other side is the canyon. I could hear the sound of the sea from the other side. The road is small and curved and very hard to drive on. Along the side of the mountain, big mirrors are placed on the wall so that the drivers can see ahead if cars approach from the other way to prevent dangerous occurrences.

Da Lat is a place with many secrets. It took the whole week just to visit all the different places. As I have mentioned above, Da Lat is well known for its two famous hill. Tourists cannot miss the chance to visit them once they get to Da Lat. The first hill is known as the Romantic Hill, a good place for lovers to enjoy their time alone and have a romantic talk. The second hill is very famous for its history, the Pines Hill with Two Graves.

Life in Da Lat city seems very busy during the day, compares to life in America hat I have seen. To make a living, on the two sides of the street, there are kiosks everywhere. They sell different kinds o food, drink, souvenirs for visitors. I see many people, in the heat of the sun, with buckets are walking on the street to sell customers their vegetables or whatever item that they are selling. I can see the sweat rolling from their head to their face. Their skins are burnt dark by the sun. Life seems hard but so simple from what I have seen, and I don’t see anything like that in America. Americans work in companies in good condition eight hours a day. I think that is because America is more civilized, Americans won’t eat foods that are sold on the street, but that is life in Da Lat, and in Viet Nam, in general.

When I visited Da Lat, I thought that I wanted to live there. I like the natural creation of the landscapes, not man made. I have been to the River Walk in San Antonio, and I think it is nice that the buildings around the river are old and classic, are placed above the water level, but I don’t have a kind of deep impression like I did when I visited Da Lat. People are very friendly and enthusiastic. At night, the city is quiet and peaceful compared to Houston. Here, people should seed out a special place that they found to relax from a busy and noisy city filled with cars, traffic, and pollution during the day. Personally, I have found one place that I can relax, Cafe Trinh at night. It is located in the corner of Gears Street and Veteran Memorial after exiting from Belt Way 8.

The coffee shop is a good place to stop after a hardworking day. I always find it in my leisure time. The coffee shop is very easy to spot for its color lights sign and with the shape of a coffee cup with smoke coming out from it. It is best known for its entertainment system, the game machines, the coffee, and the view of the city. Customers either stay inside to enjoy the soft and romantic music that always played, and they can choose their favorite songs by asking the D.J to play without any charges.

When I go to the Cafe Trinh, the view of the city reminds me of those French coffee shops located by Xuan Huong lake. They were always crowned with customers. When I looked at the tower, I could imagine myself in France right below the Eiffel Tower thought I have never been to France. Also, the lights are so bright that I can even see the reflection of myself in the water. It sounds not very interesting for some people because they may think it is just a regular coffee shop like any others, but they will find themselves wrong after visiting the place. Each individual has their own special place, and it is mine. I find it is a very special place, and somehow, it reminds me of when I visited Da Lat city always staying in my memory, something reminds me of home.



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