Home Away From Home: Bellaire/Veritas Christian Academy by Veronesia Proctor

7000 Ferris Street
Bellaire, TX 77401-3921
(713) 773-9605

November 2010 – In a stop and go drop off line in front of Bellaire Christian Academy, our gray minivan finally reaches the front door. It is a tall beautiful stained glass door in the artistic, of a style church to be specific. As Ceily’s four wheels come to a complete stop, my mom yells, “Hurry up kids and have a blessed day!” Rubbing my eyes as the thumping of my feet tap the gymnasium floor, I am greeted with a hug from one of my best friends. I see about forty children playing board games, listening to music, or reading books, as I prepare for a game of speed. I spent ten years doing a similar routine every morning.

Approximately forty minutes after I won the card game, my tall, skinny, mid aged, grumpy homeroom teacher asks, “Does everyone have on their chapel attire, and their lunch cards completely filled out?” Some answer yes ma’am while others get warnings for not being properly dressed or not having their cards filled out. The school clown says, “Yay, only three more months left and we are off to the real world.” The rest of the gym laughs, but I begin to think of how I will be going off to high school, with no more recess, no more fantastic Fridays, no more class trips to London, or most of all no more spending nine hours of my day with some of the people I love most. Tears run down my face, because this place is all I ever knew when it came to my second home and my learning center.

RING, RING, tells us it’s time to go our homeroom class. Lunch, Pencils, Board is what we are greeted with walking in to the classroom, which means put your lunch cards in your slots, sharpen your pencils, and check the board for our morning activity. At 1pm we go out for recess, the average person probably would say after 5th grade recess should stop. BCA believed that we were never too old for a 30 minute break outside on the playground. Majority of the girls had girl talk, while the boys played dodge ball or football. On our way back to class I see sweat running down the boys face followed by a lingering stench. After recess it always seems as if class went by so slow. Always to my surprise that dreadful RING RING sound that we heard in the morning, was now a joyful sound to us. It was the end of our day. Depending on the day and season I headed to track, volleyball, or basketball practice with Christine. She was a great athlete in every sport she attempted. Christine said, “Some of my best memories happened while I was participating in sports. I enjoyed the fact that our coaches found out what we liked at what we were good at. They helped us improve our skills physically and emotionally.” While we were at practice the boys were at football or basketball practice, “The funniest thing was after practice Coach Dave always said, “Go home and do your Homework.” Not a day passed that those words did not come out of his lips.” James stated.

Family through Christ Jesus is what comes to mind when I think of Bellaire Christian Academy. BCA is physically my past, but forever lives in my heart. Veritas Christian Academy became the new name of Bellaire Christian Academy in 1998. Veritas is a Latin word that means truth, and God is truth. Using a classical method Veritas emphasized the story of Western civilization and the Christ church is embedded in it. Veritas Christian Academy is said to be in existence for one purpose and that is to help children reach their maximum potential in life, guiding children to be all that God our Savior has called them to be. In order to understand God’s creation they teach academic disciplines of mathematics, literature, science, history, and languages. My experience in this school has prepared my mind for higher levels of education, while installing an awesome Christian foundation for the journeys in my life to come. My heart now yearns to know more about Christ and His stories. BCA helped me to figure out the reason I am on this earth, and that is to witness the Gospel of my Lord and Savior to those who do not have knowledge of Him.

A decade has gone by since I have been to Bellaire/Veritas Christian Academy. As I drove up into the parking lot I saw a yellow cross surrounded by the paintings that my classmates and I painted in the 1900’s. It meant a lot to me to see that they would keep something of this sort and display as one of the first things the public see’s, of course I had to take a picture of it! I was then greeted by Mrs. Raad, she was in shock to see that the little Nenee that she knew was all grown up, she escorted me to the front office were I met the lady who took care of me from there. The smell of a new office was what I smelled while filling out a form. I sat on a navy blue chair by a bear stuffed animal with the school t-shirt on and a bow tied around its neck, that felt like cotton; I was waiting for further instructions. Two 3rd grade girls run into the office and one says, “Rihanna cannot find her sweater!” They told them to go look in the restroom and see if they could find it. Relaxing in my chair I took a look around the office, I noticed that the school is interested into the Art Festival. Six pictures that were painted by the children served as decoration for the office walls; there was also a pop out bed and a pillow. I assumed that was for a child if he/she became sick during school hours. As I glanced across the cheap looking wood floor I spotted a caterpillar strolling from one end of the office to the other. My ears are wide open and I hear a lady in her office saying, “Our school does not have money to go from year to year, so we have to do a live auction that usually brings in enough money.” I overheard that she was in the process of trying to get more grants for the school. After her conversation ends the office is filled with silence and soon after I was let free to go and roam the school as I pleased. Once you exit each classroom your are outside, which isn’t bad because the school is gated. I peeked through the classroom windows as I walk down the sidewalk. Pre-K takes a nap while kindergarten paints pictures. For the first time in my life I saw a classroom strictly for teaching languages other than English, called the Foreign Language Classroom. In classroom 3A some of the children were reading books and finishing projects during free time. Two minutes later about twenty boys and girls walk my way with their sports attire on. They were on the way to get prepared for their games against Wesley. I then asked them what they thought about this school one girl said, “I love this school and my teachers are awesome!” My last question to them was what do they learn spiritually at Veritas and a blonde hair boy said, “We learn the importance of loving Christ and trying to become more like Him in all that we do.”

My parents say that this was one of the best decisions that they have made in their life. This school has been a blessing to them. BCA was like another set of parents. The taught us spiritually and mentally, they disciplined in a way that they approved and they also love as if we were their children from the womb. Verlensia, my short, beautiful 20 year old sister, feels that BCA helped to broaden her horizons. Along with that they helped her to build her social skills to the point where she is able to interact with people from all walks of life. The desire to be more like Christ has helped her in an area she struggles in daily and that is forgiveness. Something she remembers vividly and misses most, is the fresh mashed potato and gravy smell that came from the kitchen on Wednesdays. James says” In my experience at BCA my Faith in Christ Jesus has grown exceptionally, I have also learned to summarize from Mrs. Capps and how to expand equations and a little geometry from Mrs. Raad, who is now the Principal. I could go on and on about BCA but in one word that I would use to describe the school as a whole is Foundation.” Bellaire Christian Academy has similarities with the world we live in today.

 Religion may be in both, it is scattered around the world, but everywhere in Bellaire Christian Academy. There are Christian churches in the all around the United States, in the U.K., in South America, Asia Australia, India, Russia, the Middle East and a few more that I did not name. In some countries it is illegal to practice Christianity; they have underground churches where they go for praise and worship. In the world we learn a number of things that changes as society changes. God’s Word never changes, which means what Veritas teaches will forever be the same in our forever changing society.






Veronesia is a Junior at University of Houston-Downtown who is transferring to central campus to pursue her degree in Graphics Communication. She was born on August 20, 1987 to Ronald and Verlonda Proctor in Houston, Tx. She has a son named Jacob. She has an older brother named Ronald and a younger sister named Verlensia. She is also very blessed to have two beautiful niece’s named Zarriah and Ryliegh.

Her passion is Jesus, graphics, and cheerleading. Bellaire Christian Academy is the school that gave her the Christian foundation that she tries to show on a daily basis. Yet she learned her love for graphic design at Lamar High School playing around with people’s pictures and party flyers. Since she was knee high to a grasshopper all she has ever known is cheerleading, from little league, to high school varsity team, to all-star cheerleading. She works part-time at a charter school as a cheerleader coach. She spends most of her time embracing life with her family and trying to live Christ like.


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