Sneaker Head Heaven by James Jones

2416 Times Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005

November 2010 – From the moment you walk into Premium Goods you hear a cool, smooth beat that immediately grabs your attention like a dark skinned Ethiopian walking down the street, in a lime green polo, in the middle of winter. Most people have never heard of Premium Goods, but after one trip to this snazzy, and perfectly located boutique, I promise you’ll never forget it. Premium Goods cut out the middle man and brought the shoes straight to you, to Houston. They also are exclusive to Houston because they were actually the first sneaker boutique in the state of TEXAS! This without, a doubt explains why this store is in a class of its own when it comes to Houston fashion.

Premium Goods was the first sneaker boutique in the state of Texas! Originally in New York, the owner Jennifer Ford decided that it was time for Premium to expand. She felt that Houston was a dry market and that this would be the perfect place to come and start building her empire. Also with her being originally from Houston she wanted to move back home to be closer to her family and loved ones.

Walk to the middle of the store, and notice a white art covered wall to your left alined with two racks of some of the hottest style jeans, t-shirts, and jackets in Houston. If you turn back straight ahead you would see a medium sized round table with an assortment of different shoes, mostly, for $60 in a perfect circle. Behind the register is a red-orange colored wall filled with many different snapbacks and fitted hats neatly placed on the shelves in horizontal lines from top to bottom. Turn around behind you and it’ll be another round table with lots of different women shoes to choose from. Behind that would be the glass front of the store lined with big metal tubs that would usually be used for holding ice and cold sodas at a family cook out filled with $10 t-shirts. Last but not least if you turn your attention to the right you will see what makes this boutique the best shoe store in Houston, the best of them all, the mother of all mothers, why it’s the teacher and all the rest of the stores are just taking notes, the shoe display wall. This display wall isn’t just any ordinary display wall. It’s a long white art covered wall that goes from a few steps onto the dark gray hardwood floor of the store to the cash register on the other end of the store. Along the wall there are six black rows that the hottest and most exclusive shoes sit on which has a white light glowing from it like the shoe’s sitting on it came straight from heaven. The two most exclusive shoes to ever come into premium goods so far were the Premium Goods X nike Zoom Kobe 1’s. There were only 24 pairs of these shoes made in the world. They also had the Nike Air Yeezy’s. These were not as limited as the Kobe shoes but there were only 1,000 made world wide. As you look at all the amazing shoes it’s as if the shoe’s tong is calling out to you, “Pick me, Pick Me!” And the smell!! How could anyone resist the smell of a fresh new pair of shoes! It should be bottled and made a cologne.

If the sneakers on the shelves and tables are not enough to blow you away, the pearly white smile and sweet voice of the shop’s owner, Ms. Jennifer Ford, would do the job with a sweet, loud, and heartfelt “Welcome To Premium!!”. There are only a few people working at Premium because it doesn’t really require that much work. The two guys who work there are only around 23 and 24, but their knowledge of shoes go way beyond their years on this earth. They also have great customer service and welcoming vibes that will have you ready to come back and just hang out with them.

If you ever find your self lounging around the store for a long period of time its no telling who you’ll run into or what you’ll see. There are many different types of people that find their way into the store. Some of customers have included rapper Bun B., Drake, Loupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, and many others. Just like any other business, there are also the “regular customers”. While I was at premium taking notes in walked Joe. Joe was a perfect example of a regular customer. He was greeted just like you would greet one of your friends if you saw them after class in the hallway. He also was in sync and on a name to name basis with the staff. After he spoke to everyone in the store he then began looking at t- shirts and later bought two shirts, two pair of shoes, hugged Jennifer, shook hands withe the guys and made his way out of the shop. (The staff still can’t seem to remember my name but they know my face!) After the “regulars” you have the “window shoppers”. I was once in the shop looking to buy a new pair of shoes when a family came in, looked around, and left without buying anything. They were the perfect example of window shoppers, people that just come in to see what all the hype is about and usually don’t buy anything. But with every up there is a down, and that down is called “shoplifters”. to help cut down on this problem Premium has installed brand new digital security cameras to catch the shoplifters red handed in high definition.

I have been to Premium on many occasions. My first time going to the store I ended up buying this really cool Nixon watch. At this point it was obvious that I was going to be spending a lot of my time and money in this store. Since then I have gotten most of my Jordan’s, Nike’s, and Supra’s from their boutique because they have a great variety of many different things to choose from. I’ve also brought lots of shirts and hats from them.

The Rice Village is the perfect home for Premium Goods. I couldn’t imagine another place that matches it better in Houston. When you are in the village you get a nice cool urban vibe. The tight streets and reconstructive surgery the city is giving this part of Kirby’s face can be a hassle because of all the traffic, but once your settled then its all worth the wait. Even though the roads are tough and ruff it seems like it seems like everyone in the village drives some kind of luxury car like Range Rovers, BMW’s, Mercedes, Audi’s, Volkswagens, and others of that sort. But while the people that drive them are big spenders you might see them dressed in a nice pair of comfortable, lounging around the house style jeans and t-shirt. Other shopping that I like to do in the village other then at premium is at, Urban Outfitters, Gap, and a few other stores. All though Premium is perfectly located in the rice village it can be somewhat difficult to find because of the well uniformed look of the strip of boutiques its in. They are all black boutique style signs with white writing that make them stand out like a person wearing all white at a funeral. Rice Village isn’t just limited to shopping, It has lots of nice restaurants specializing in food from all over the world. It has three French restaurants, two Japanese, two Makati, two Chinese, two Italian, a Mexican, two Spanish, a Mediterranean, a Vietnamese, an Indian, and three Thai restaurants.

After all the things to factor into the equation like location, quality, and the store its self, Premium Goods is the best sneaker boutique in Texas and is a Sneaker Heads Heaven.



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Author’s Bio:

There are a lot of freshman that attend the University of Houston Downtown. One that I like the most is James Jones. James is a cool funny guy who likes to shop and have a good time. He was born and raised in Missouri City but attended and graduated from Lamar High School(the one down the street from the galleria). James is attending University of Houston Downtown for marketing and hopes to become a successful marketer later in life.


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