Childhood Memories: Astroworld by Charles Anderson Jr.

9001 Kirby Dr. Houston Tx
77054 south loop 610

November 2010Traveling down 610west freeway I could remember the excitement and the remarkable experience the closer you approach the arch over 610. The Bridge that links the drop off parking lot and the once-famous Astroworld still sits there for us to ponder our memories. Astroworld was the start of some people’s vacation, for some it was a common tradition, and for some young adults it was a first date. The exhilarations this empty parking lot once held began inside the lot, and grew stronger as you crossed the bridge.
Now I walked through this newly built parking lot; my blood pressure rises and thought of Astroworld mesmerize me. These fifty-seven acres of land now look like a cemetery full of memorable roller coaster, great stories, and the atmosphere of Astroworld. The smile and joy Astroworld put on people faces are now replaced by parking lot entertainment, such as the tailgaters at the Texans games or from the livestock shows.

Touring that million dollar franchise, it was hard keeping my hands out of my pocket and not spending any money. How could anyone resist the temptation of trying out different foods, or buying creative souvenirs from a key chain to a fancy shirt? Chosen widely as America’s favorite restaurant, many people chose to eat at McDonald’s even though the prices where more expensive than normal. Even some of our favorite childhood cartoon characters influenced Astroworld and the appreciating of buying wonderful souvenirs. Although the price of a keychain or a famous stuffed animal were unpleasant, the satisfaction and joy of receiving them was pleasurable. Receiving a human size Tweety Bird or a Bugs Bunny shaped cup made it worth every penny, or if you were afraid to ride the huge roller coasters, a variety of mini games were presented to win a possible stuffed animal or many more prizes. Now when I see the lot I think it is amazing that lot was filled with Houston greatest money maker. I always described Astroworld as the cash absorber deep in the heart of Texas, though even now, parking in the parking lot that used to be Astroworld still accounts for a large amount of money. So even though there’s only gravel and grass, Astroworld is still a money-making attraction.

Although, the parking prices are outrageous the experience you received some say is priceless. Astroworld is sincerely missed but the rodeo, tailgating, and concerts held at the Reliant and Astrodome Stadium covers the missing moments. I can remember some of the stories my mother mentioned to me about when she use to work at Astroworld. On holidays like Independence Day or Halloween night concerts where held inside of Astroworld and famous singers before my time performed.

Some days when my friends and I attend an event inside of the parking lot we mentioned, “It is days like these when I wish Astroworld was still open,” and I could relate with them. Discussing times when we took a detour to the Astroworld water park also known as Water World because of the hot and humid weather. My huge water slide experience came to me, the time when it felt like butterflies’ begin to enter my stomach. Giving the opportunity to visit Astroworld rather it was in 1975 to ride a roller coaster or 2009 just to park to attend an large invent being held at reliant stadium, all visitors can relate to at least one memorable moment.

I can still picture the rollercoaster such as Serial Thriller that lived up to its name with its fire truck red, twisting tracks, and dangling seats. It arrived and was a great addition to the older attractions of Astroworld, such as Grease Lighting and Batman Escape. The Batman Escape impression was modeled like the bat cave seen in all of the Batman movies and cartoons, in a very dark tunnel with a cold breeze of air while you waited to enter the ride. The Grease Lighting was lighting striking fast. It reminded me of a Ferris Wheel with high-speeds. When I heard dropping a penny from the top would give a concussion to anybody below, I never looked at the rollercoaster that day.

Introduced to the parking lot attributes and all the great memories overshadows the pain I felt in my legs and feet, or the heat I conducted on my skin walking fifty-seven acres of land to stand in lines longer than he D.P.S office. Remembering the obstacle that was completed looking up to the rollercoaster that I knew was going to have my stomach turning felt as if the ride lasted forever. Moving forward towards one of the rollercoaster rides gasping the fact I no longer have the courage to ride anymore but it’s too late to turn around, I looked my fears in the eye and entered the ride of my life. A feeling of accomplishment and a burst of pleasure enters my body at the end of the ride.

Entering the actually theme park you could taste the sugar from the funnel cakes as you made your way across the ticket booths, and you could hear the soft music of Looney Tunes theme songs playing. As I take footsteps through the parking lot I could think of all the fantastic activities and concerts, and the only concern that I have is the thought of not coming back. Growing as a child visiting Astroworld one or two times were breath taking and the desire to visit increase as you grew. Throughout the years Astroworld invented the season pass, an answer too many people boring days during the summer. The parking lot was not only built to increase Houston’s economy, nut surprisingly a Houstonian second home. In Remembrance of Astroworld



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Author Bio

Charles Anderson Jr. is a transfer student from University Houston and is in his second semester at University of Houston Downtown, who is thinking about majoring in Computer Science. Charles is compassionate and genuinely well rounded, and has competed in many diverse assortments of activities ranging from sports, and education courses.

In my experience, Charles has proven himself to be an honest, hard-working young man. He is generous and kind. Even as a teenager, he was always thinking of other. Several times, I have witness him volunteer to help complete any kind of responsibility.

At all times I have found him to be a humble, dependable, courteous young man. He strives always for the best and takes a high interes in technology. Charles plans to get a degree and pursue his career in technology


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