The Women’s Hospital of Texas

7600 Fannin Street
Houston, TX 77054

November 2010– Waking up in the middle of the night with horrible pains in my lower abdomen, thinking with excitement and fear at the same time waiting anxiously for my baby girl to be born. A few months earlier I thought about were and who was going to deliver my child because there are a lot of hospitals that make mistakes and could hurt the baby unintentionally but in my case everything went perfect. One of my mom’s friends recommended the Women’s Hospital of Texas. She was telling my mom that I would be very comfortable because they have all the requirements necessary for me and my daughter. She knew it was going to be confortable because her daughter gave birth their too. I decided to trust her and signed up for it.

When I got to the hospital I felt horrible, I was crying in silent, tears were only coming out but what I really wanted to do was scream that I was in pain and for the doctor to put me the epidural. When I entered the hospital I got lost I didn’t know where to go and I asked the receptionist where was the labor and delivery rooms where at. And so the receptionist directed my mom, boyfriend and I to the third floor were the registered nurse was waiting for me to take me to the delivery room. I don’t remember her name but I remember her appearance she was thin with short black hair she was very polite and talked to me if I was her best friend. The RN asked me to change to this simple white robe. After than she told me to go to the restroom to change so she could start putting the needles in my harm and a heart monitor for the baby’s heart and a contraction monitor for my contractions. Twenty minutes later another doctor came in and I was so glad to see him because he was the anesthesiologist. He came into inject me the epidural so it will lessen the pain. The injection was put in my lower back and I had to be in a sitting position for him to do that. The RN made me feel safe and secure and I was glad, so glad to have chosen this particular hospital.

About four hours passed and the nurse told me I was ten centimeters and I was ready to deliver. When I heard that I got so surprised and scared, I was by myself at the moment he told me that. My mom and my boyfriend had gone to the cafeteria to get something to eat. She called in the doctor in and told him I was ready and he came as quickly as possible. And when the doctor came in my mom and boyfriend where also coming in, and I was so relief to see them. When I started to push I saw my boyfriend and he was pale white he asked me if he could step outside because he felt he was going to faint. With a sadness inside me I told him he could wait outside until the baby was born. Through the whole pushing process the doctor, RN and my mom were telling me everything was going to be ok and that I was going to be so happy when I saw my babies face. Ten minutes passed and she came out all I hear was her crying and I started to cry because I was so happy she was out already. The RN told my mom if she wanted to take some pictures of the baby so could but we forgot the cameras in the truck, when she went to go get them she told my boyfriend that the baby was born. He came rushing in and lay beside me and told me “look who’s over there” I could see in his eyes and face expression that he was happy to see his daughter. The babies doctor where cleaning her and all I wanted to do is hold her in my harms. They only let me hold her for a few minutes to give her her first bottle, I got shocked because she drinked it really fast.

After that the nurses transferred me to another room which was where I was supposed to rest and spend time with my daughter. The room number was 2008 and it was my own I didn’t have to share it with no one. When you entered the room the rest room was on the left and my bed was on the right. Besides my bed was a couch in which my boyfriend stayed to sleep there. In front of the bed was a plasma TV and I remembered I would watch scary movies. The bed was really uncomfortable and I never got a good night sleep but I guess all the bed hospitals are like that. Beside the couch my boyfriend sleeped in there was I really long window which I would always saw the sunset, it made me feel relaxed. Besides my bed was a phone which I would order my food or call the nurse if I needed something.

Most of the time people pass hospitals and just see a big building but when I see one I know for sure that a mother is passing the same thing I passed thru. Hospital are very important and especially if you’re going to have a baby because they have all the equipment necessary for delivering a child. When you go everyone is really nice and polite with you, they ask if you need anything the nurses and doctors are always their incase something goes wrong or if you just want to ask them something they are there to serve you. “Today there are nearly 600 board certified physicians on The Woman’s Hospital of Texas staff. With the exception of the board certified specialists who are here at the hospital 24 hours/ 7 days a week; all of our physicians are in private practice and have no obligations as academicians; nor do they have to provide service to several facilities. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas maintains one outstanding facility and does not dilute its resources. When you arrive at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas you know you can expect outstanding care from the nationally renowned physicians practicing here. Your baby will never receive care from a fellow, resident or medical student,” this was in their internet website and I thought it was important because women should get background information from their physician and their hospital.

When I pass thru Women’s hospital all the memories come back when I had my child and makes me happy and also makes me happy knowing that people are there to comfort you. But some people don’t like going to hospital because they may think that the doctors or nurses may do something wrong and end up hurting the new born baby. Yeah that may happen like in the news said two new born babies were overdoes with the wrong medicine. Yes it may happen, but there’s a small probability. But when you see this particular hospital feel comfort because they know what they are doing and know for sure there is mother there awaiting her child anxiously.


Authors Bio

Daisy Razo was born in Houston Texas on October 25, 1991. She is a first year student at the University Of Houston Downtown. She has an older brother and a younger sister, and a daughter of her own. She gratuated in May of this year from The East Early College High School. She wishes to become a police officer in the near future and get a Criminal Justice degree.


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