The Marq*E by Gigi Lopez

7620 Katy Freeway,
Houston, TX
(713) 263-7843

November 2010-The image I can’t get out of my head is two teens having an Icee at the movie theatre on a Saturday night talking about how pretty and fun the Marq*E had been that night. Hip Hop music playing, doors opening and closing, water falling from the waterfall, kids laughing, and people saying cheers is heard every night at the Marq*E. Houstonians find this place like a get away. Yeah people think of Houston as a country with no tourist attractions but little do they know that this complex is a great place to go have fun. On weekdays, weekends and even holidays you will never see this complex closed or empty. Everyone from kids to adults have a place in this center where they can have so much fun. The Marq*E is the Heaven of Houston, anyone is welcome but its all up to you if you want to have fun or not. The Marq*E center is located on I-10 west and silber. This 360,000 square foot entertainment center features a 22-screen state-of-the-art Edwards Cinema and IMAX screen, a variety of quality restaurants and retail shops, a comedy club, and Houston’s most popular multi-venue setting night club. This center is very unique in Houston because there is no other like it.

The most popular is of course the Edwards Cinema. As you walk in you see all the lights and showings which make you just want to go watch a movie. All teens go to the movies to get away with their friends. I spend a lot of time watching movies there with my friends or cousins. The ticket takers are great on telling you where your showing room will be. Passing up that person is the great concession stand. The smell of popcorn, pickles, pizza, and hot dogs is amazing. There is about 15 showing rooms including 4 Imax Theatres. The Imax theatres are used for big showings like movie premieres or popular movies that always have a lot of viewers. The Imax is so big that there is four exits. There is the two downstairs and two upstairs. Upstairs is just for the exits to the theatres, no showing rooms. During the week there is a lot of showings as well for those who don’t like the rush on weekends. This theatre differs from others in many ways. One way is that there is people from all of Houston going to it, in comparison to others theatres where those theatres only have people from around that side of town its located in. There was a time I made new friends from Humble at this place. I was so shocked to know that these girls would go to the Marq*E all the way from Humble.

There is a lot of places to go to if you suddenly get the urge for some food . There is a Red Robin, Dave and Busters, Café Adobe, New York Pizzeria, and Wings & More. Café Adobe is a Tex Mex restaurant that has been running for 25 years. Café Adobe is known for Houston’s best Margaritas. If you are hungry for gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, wraps, and soups Red robin is the place to go. Red Robin has been open since the 1940’s and still going strong with its great food. Out of all the places to eat, my favorite has to be New York Pizzeria. This pizzeria has great smells as soon as you walk in. This small pizza shop has great flavors and different toppings for pizza. The owners are from Italy but opened up their first shop in New York. For this reason, this pizzeria has great Italian sensations. The pastas, wines, pizzas, soups, and salads have a very catchy taste that will have you wanting more. Wings & More is one of the most famous wings restaurant in Houston. I’m sure each place has its specials but everyone knows about Two for Tuesday at Wings & More. Wings & More will be full and a have waiting list to get a table every Tuesday.

Entertainment wise, there is Dave & Buster’s, Pump it Up, Improv Comedy club, and Drinks Houston night club. Dave & Buster’s is a family place where parents can eat and drink and have their kids satisfied as well with the games inside. It’s a bar, restaurant, and arcade all in one. They also have bowling for those who like to bowl. Ever dreamt of having an place to go where there is big colorful inflatable’s where you and your kids can have fun? Well at the Marq*E your dream has come true. Pump it up is an inflatable place where kids can go jump and have fun. They also have birthday parties on weekends and during the week they have “Pop-in-Play” which is a good thing for kids who are bored at home and want to go play. On special occasions they have Parents night out in which the staff takes care of the kids while the parents have a night out. Pump it Up has many locations in Houston but the one at the Marq*E is its central location and gets a lot of new and cool stuff. I worked at Pump it Up for about 6 months and I enjoyed it there as an employee. Also the comedy club is fun for adults who want to get a good laugh in. There are also magic shows and comedy shows for kids of all age. For those who love to dance, the Marq*E is also a place for them. Drinks Houston is a very popular night club in Houston. There is only one Drink Houston location and its in the Marq*E. Starting on Thursdays you can show up at that club for some drinks and dancing fun. There are 4 different dance floors in this one big club. The first dance floor is filled with people and plays party music. The second dance floor is called the 8.0 Retro. In this room there is music played from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. In the third dance room you have a mix of Latin music. This is called the Rain Bar, it plays Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and Hispanic Urban music. The last room they have is called Center Stage Karaoke. This is the room where a person has thousands of song to choose from and gets to sing for fun or show of their great voices. Its nice to get away sometimes to just dance and have a good time. The bad thing about this club is that once adults start drinking they get very violent. There are some nights that end with violence.

The Marq*E is a unique place because even though it has international shops in it, it also has places that are only found in Houston. There is only one Marq*E center in Houston and it’s the only complex that has all these amazing services for you. Even the food places found in the complex are unique compared to others in Houston because they are much bigger, classier, and fancier than most of the other locations. The people at the Marq*E are very nice, never rude, and all get along. If I can say something bad about the people that go to the Marq*E is the teens that start fights between each other. Kids will be kids and always make little mistakes.

I am sure most people think of cowboys, horses, saddles, and ranches when they hear about Houston Texas. As you can see the Marq*E is far from that. It is just a place where any person of any age can go to have fun or relax.



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