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Home Of the Flying Pizza: The Flying Pig by David Reyes

5311 Weslayan Houston,
Tx 713-666-3008

January 2004–As you walk in, the pig cowboy with a sheriff badge and cute cowboy boots and his hands ready to pull out his gun at you just catches your attention as you walk in the noisy restaurant and you just know that you have entered pig land. The Flying Pig, Home of the High Flying Pizza an ideal family restaurant. Families come in and out so merrily two, five, nine even twenty at a time. The hostess, Jae awaits anxiously at the door and greets the incoming group of people with her sweet looking face and captivating smile and says, “ Hi, how are you today, Welcome to the pig where we are the proud home of the high flying pizza, would you like to sit at a table or booth?”

While the waiter excitedly waits to get the new table and greets and asks you for the drink orders while Pancho our most preferred bus boy comes out of the noisy and crowed with irritated waiters that want their food with our most famous bread sticks topped with butter and parmesan cheese that everyone just loves and demands for more, with a warm smile on his face! The journey back into the loud kitchen that the waiter experiences after taking the drink orders and in most cases the food order is like no other, you go from checking how the other tables are doing to pre-bussing the plates and things they don’t need on the table to tripping on the little kids running out like wild from the Pig Pen (the game room that is) to seeing how the college football game or the baseball game on the television overhead is doing to entering the kitchen finally. The waiter tries desperately to find an open computer to plug in the order while another waiter comes in and is yelling or excited and high fives another co-worker because he or she has made a phat tip and is rubbing it in your face, the people around just can’t help but to laugh or just nod and smile at them. The waiter plugs the order and just wait for it and meanwhile see if you got a new table to serve. Waiters toss and throw the trays onto their places for the other waiter that might need it. You hear another waiter yelling “side of ranch”, and the kitchen staff jamming to Latin music.

The best kitchen staff any restaurant would ever want, makes the food as quickly as possible and so delicious. People fun to mess with, ask them please and they will make you anything you ask to them to eat. The bus boy goes and gets the hot and wet plates and the freshly clean silverware out from the hot and musty dishwasher room and wipes them down dry with his white rag to fill the tables that have been used and have left. There will always be a waiter stressed and raging in from the front and asking everyone for help on the order and someone throws him a milk from the cooler and some taking out his salad out to the designated table.

The dishwasher is in the back filled with mountains of dishes to wash, and takes a sip of his cold icy water because he is hot and sweaty and needs to cool down a bit. Meanwhile, on the other side of the noisy and exuberating restaurant you will find Natalie, the cashier taking calls and taking pick-up orders next to the loud frozen bellini machine dripping a little because it was just used or going and eating our bread with a little side of ranch and rushing back again to receive the calls coming in and wiping her sensual lip glossed lips, I guess that is what keeps her figure, I don’t know that’s all she eats, she is sure to grab your attention with her silky blond hair and her ocean blue like eyes; she is bound to keep you staring. Steve the manager always checking that everything is being done right and checking that if anyone needs his assistance, if not then he goes into the back to play solitaire on his computer in his office, where the storage room is close by and the delivery boys are taking boxes out to fold to put the pizzas in for delivery and pickup. Sometimes while they don’t do anything they play with the ice and throw the slippery ice-cubes to everyone in the kitchen irritating them. Once their order is up they hurry and prepare the order and make sure everything is there and nothing is missing, so that they don’t have to come back and return to an angry customer, customer satisfaction comes first, always.

In the front middle part of the restaurant the island where the stellar crew of pizza makers stand and prepare the pizza they toss and throw the dough into the air giving us the name we have and having the amused kids and adults staring at awe of how exciting the experience is. The pizza pro provides the little kids with pieces of dough and they pretend to do the same as the pizza maker does, but it ends up landing on their little red chubby faces. You should see it for yourself it is so cute! There are actual flying pigs flying in circles hooked at the top of the ceiling, it seems that the little wings are going one hundred miles an hour. People love to see them and we also sell them, they go and go. The waiters are the pride and joy of the rambunctious restaurant. We try our best to give our customers the best service ever. The pig has a great reputation about that. The waiters just see how the hours pass as so do the mass of people that was just there.

It’s called the six to eight thirty gold rush at the pig the busiest of the hours at the restaurant where you really are running apart from yourself but always manage the tension and pressure of getting everything on time and correctly, it is like everyone decides to come in at the same time where the hostess just has to start to make a waiting list and since the customers are loyal they will do anything to stay and eat their meal there no matter how long the wait is. They just order a glass of our finest wine, draft or bottled beer from the bar and sit or stand to watch to game on the television, drinking their wine with elegance. You can hear soft rock coming out of the speakers from the ceiling speakers, which it has proven to sooth the customer right down to the core of their soul. The vibe is the greatest everyone gets along. The waiters help each other in taking out any food that is up and if they are not doing anything and do the favor. Customers leave satisfied with the great service and especially the great food they just ate. The waiters see what the others are up to, to see if they are not sharking tables meaning that, they take all the tables it is a little game that we all play one each day, no one really gets mad. The manager while checking the sales that the restaurant has made and pours himself a beer, you see the cashier doing the side work required to be cut to go home, she has to sweep but since she is really ditsy but sweet she always gets someone to do it for her. With a thank-you she goes about her business and leaves.

The pig starts to empty out and you hear the voices of the little kids running around and falling and starting to cry and the customers yelling out to the waiter to get their attention. The place has a lot to say after a hard day of work. You hear the oven in the kitchen roaring and really feel the hot vapors coming out of it, you hear the dishwasher in the back whistling and the water being sprayed onto the dishes. The closing waiters start to wipe down the waiter stations and drain the ice tea and coffee. They order a pizza or pasta and go and eat in a table and compare and contrast they earning and most of all their tips. Talking away what experiences they had or what they need to do once they get home, like homework or some other things. They start to pull the wooden seats and staking them on top of each other. You hear the clashing of silverware that the dishwasher is organizing just for you so that we can roll into napkins for the morning. The manager starts to dim the lights and turns the music up a little to make to time there a little more enjoyable. A few friends come in and just like to spend time there while they wait for you to finish your shift to go out and hang out. They usually order a little something to eat while they wait. The kitchen staff is mopping the floor and cleaning out the ovens and cooking utensils. The experience of going into the restaurant is great and now imagine working there you go threw a lot of nice encounters. Every little detail that happens at the pig we all appreciate it and take it to heart because everyday is something new and exciting. With the Flying Pig only being open for three years the restaurant has an excellent reputation, being rated the noisiest but not irritating and making you feel right at home with your family restaurant and also best Italian food in West University. We have free delivery and the delivery drivers make sure that the order is on time and correct, having happy hour from three to five pm everyday customers come in and enjoy the company of our staff and we of theirs. With really complex painting the customers stare and smile at the cute drawing and also the chalk boards promoting the lunch specials with little cute pigs drawn on the.

There are a large variety of pigs they range from waiters to cowboys regular ol’pigs to the flying pig, piggy bank which all the employees have drawn on it and so on. I like to consider it the best, happy and most enjoyable pigsty in the world. You won’t find quite a good-looking pigpen full of pigs as good as us. With the most convenient location, if you live a little far from the boundaries of the pig it is so worth coming out of your way to come and eat there and enjoying the most amusing experience you’ll ever have. The restaurant is a really cool place to go and eat not only because I work there but also because the service is so great, it is like no other, I know because I make sure of it myself. Our customers come and go pleased of being there. The atmosphere there is really just laid back and customers even stay for hours they just don’t want to leave the place. The food is great adding our own little taste to Italian food the customers just fall in love with the pastas, po-boys, salads and pizzas. It is definitely one of the best little restaurants in Houston and everyone should tryout sometime soon. Bring in your family or your significant other it is great for dates. They will love it and love you even more for bringing them there. The Flying Pig, Home of the Flying Pizza will be waiting for you to come to pay them a visit. Maybe in the near future you might have to go out and eat and so please let us be in one of your considerations at least and try us out. Trust me you will not go wrong in coming and paying the pig land a little visit.




Flying Pig Website


100% Taquito: Authentic Mexican Food

by Yesica Silva
3245 Southwest Freeway @ Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX
(713) 665-2900

Mmmm…. Just hearing this extraordinary phrase “100% Taquito” reminds me of the delicious taste of taquitos in Mexico .  Located between Southwest Freeway and Buffalo Speedway
in front of the Compaq Center, 100% Taquito has the most authentic Mexican taquitos in Houston . You may think that it is a common Mexican restaurant in the Hispanic populated area, but it does not have any comparison.

One day my friends Wendy and Sylvia called me to go celebrate the
end of the semester. We had a stressful week and it was time to take
a little break and relax. I had not seen Sylvia for a long time and
she wanted me to be there. They introduced me to this extraordinary
restaurant “100% Taquito” Since I was always criticizing the
kind of taquitos that are made in other places, we had not returned
for more. Sylvia told me that her friend invited her and that she thought
that I would also like it because I’m a taquito lover.

As you begin to walk towards the entrance of the restaurant, there
are some pictures of how the restaurant was founded. Also, you can see
how it looked before. When I visited 100% Taquito I never imagined that
the taquitos could taste so great! Eventually, I became addicted to
the tacos, but especially my all time favorite “Tacos
al Pastor
” are the best. Each time I visit my hometown, Mexico
City , the first thing that I like to eat are these delicious tacos
and 100 % Taquito has the authentic and same exact taste. When I look
at the menu my first eye contact is always at the Tacos al Pastor. Immediately
without thinking of anything else, I order them accompanied with a Mexican
soda called Jarrito. I suggested Wendy to order the same thing and to
share with me an order of sopes which she agreed to do. Also, we have
our favorite dessert; their famous “Tres Leches” has made this traditional cake the most enjoyable part of the dinner. What a complete combination! Delicious tacos, a great dessert, and the company of my closest friends is what makes it an enjoyable meal.

100% Taquito began as a school project of Marko and Karla Garcia
at the University of
Houston . Together, with their parents Manuel and Susana
Garcia, they tasted the market for authentic Mexican food with a concession
trailer. They began with a taco stand at the parking lot of Super K’mart
on Westheimer. Their purpose was to bring the real Mexican food out
to the public. Overwhelmed by the results, the Garcia family embarked
in the second phase of 100% Taquito: a place that recreates the heart
of Mexico in Houston .

The Garcia family came from Mexico City which consists of over 20
million inhabitants or 40 million if you count its suburbs. It is the
largest city in the world and the heart of Mexico . In its streets the
cuisine from every region of Mexico merges in a festival of flavor.
Served from trailers, holes in the walls, and restaurants on tiny stands;
tacos reign as king. Oddly enough these tacos are nothing like the American
interpretation. They are small as three fingers put together, made with
fresh corn tortillas, and are never covered in lettuce and sour cream.
The original taco is served with onion and cilantro with the small corn
tortillas. There are a great variety of salsas such as green, red, and

pico de gallo
which are made with the original chiles and lemon.
These salsas make the flavor of the tacos a wonderful taste. 100% Taquito
brings the true flavor of Mexico to Houston . Imagine walking into a
restaurant that fools you into believing that you are back in Mexico
City . The serving area is disguised to look like a trailer and the
rest of the restaurant is constructed and painted to look like Mexico
City . 100% Taquito is the only place in Houston where you can truly
experience authentic Mexican food. As soon as you take your first step
into the restaurant, you can smell the aroma of the meat that is being
cooked, and feel the enjoyment of other customers enjoying their food.

The critics believe that 100% Taquito is the best authentic restaurant
around. Many newspaper articles and websites have supported this fact
by reporting many stories on our local newspapers. This has given this
restaurant great prestige among the Hispanic small business. They are
very successful and well recognized. For example, Alan Truex from Houston
Chronicle wrote an article explaining that “The food is all good
at 100% Taquito.” Alison Cook from wrote “Nothing
less than the Best…It’s all top-flight.” These articles
and commentaries about the restaurant helped them keep a great reputation.
Also, the Daily Cougar staff wrote another article, “UH entrepreneur
aims to please, 100% Mexican style” thanking a senior of the
for bringing the authentic Mexican food to Houstonians.

100% Taquito is open all week. Personally, I like to eat there at
night, which is one of the Mexican traditions. The menu consists of
a great variety of Mexican food not just tacos, quesadillas, sopes,
tortas, molletes, ensaladas, Mexican bottled drinks, fresh fruit drinks,
frozen slush, and desserts. For the people that don’t know how
each of the plates on the menu is done, there is a broad statement for
each of them, “not Tex-Mex” style for those that are looking
for the real stuff.

a complete combination, great tacos, and a mouth watering dessert. The
puzzling thing about this restaurant like many others is that there
are no waitresses. Just like the restaurants in Mexico , 100% Taquito
is what we call “self served”.   So the cashier took
our order and gave us a little flashing electronic square and when our
order was ready, it automatically vibrated until we pick up our food.
The tray was full of tacos, the exquisite smell of the meat made me
hungrier. The cashier area simulates a trailer with two tires in the
front painted with a bright orange color.

Inside the restaurant there is a beautiful decoration of important
and significant places in Mexico City . At one of the corners there
is a painting of one of the most outstanding avenues, called
Paseo de la Reforma
, which shows the main monument, the Diana fountain.
Wendy and Sylvia have never been in Mexico City , and I was telling
them some stories from the paintings. In the other side corner there
is another painting, this monument is called the Independence Angel
and is located on an enormous avenue in Mexico City . This place has
great significance to the Mexican people; it serves as a gathering place
when we have something special to celebrate. For example after a soccer
game, where the Mexican National Soccer Team wins a match people usually
go out and meet at the Angel and celebrate their victory. This special
place, is widely known in all the rest of the country, and is well taken
care of by the national authorities.

To fully feel complete, once you’re having your dinner, and
eating your mouth-watering tacos, the only thing you need is a good
song.    The music that they play is only Latin pop music
and sometimes
or Mexican music. When we were there, they played the
“Jarabe Tapatio” a popular music from Jalisco Mexico and we
were dancing and singing. This atmosphere, suddenly takes you back to
that small stand where we used to have our tacos in our greatly missed
Mexico . One of the most original attractions from this restaurant is
also the fact that they have a car inside the restaurant, so you can
easily sense the feeling of being in the streets of Mexico . It’s
a classic taxi with plates of Mexico City , with a driver and many decorations
that most of the Taxis from Mexico have.    For example, many
cars in Mexico have a Mexican Flag hanging, also important significant
items like a baby’s shoe, and a picture of the Virgen
of Guadalupe

The restaurant also has a small second floor, which portrays the
ceiling of a common Mexican house. They have what we call “ Tendederos”
which are lines of metal wire, which are used to hang clothes to let
dry. They also have shirts of different soccer teams, which one more
time takes you to the fact that we take our sports very seriously.

They have many different types of chairs, and tables, and spaces
for you to sit. If you really want to go back to Mexico you can eat
your tacos standing up, or at the tables that they have outside, which
makes your dinner more authentic than anything. Once you leave this
place, it is almost like if you have to travel back to Houston . The
realism of this magnificent place, really takes you back, and make you
keep wanting some more. That’s when the addiction comes takes place.
Some people think that Mexican food is high in calories, and it is,
but when you have this great food in your own city there is nothing
much that you can do. You can become addicted in a second.

This restaurant has recently been remodeled and has added some more
space to its location. The fact that day-by-day this restaurant attracts
more and more people has left them no other choice, but to extend the
location. I would not be surprise if in the near future we would see
a big restaurant chain, providing people the great taste of the authentic
Mexican tacos. This is definitely a good place to have some real Mexican
food, and I know what I’m talking about, as I am a Mexican myself.
If you ever feel like having the best tacos in Mexico City , remember
that you don’t have to get on a plane and fly to Mexico , City
you can find the best Tacos, and Desserts here in your own city.



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