Learning to Make Webposts

Prepare WordPress
1. Go to wordpress and sign in
2. Go to the Dashboard at wordpress
3. Select My Blogs//People’s Guide to Houston
4. Click on the word ‘Posts’ in the left hand column
5. Click on ‘Add New.’
6. There will be two tabs below the TITLE field that say Visual and HTML. Click to the Tab that says HTML. Do not stay on the tab that says Visual.
7. Put your cursor in the white body box.

Select Text and Images from Original Site
8. In an new tab, go to https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0As4ZiPWEQicQdEZKcTBVNEYzTnhiSWtlYnplVGFDYnc&hl=en&authkey=COGMhaUG to discover which websites you have been assigned to update. Choose one.
9.Go to http://www.uh.edu/~marnold/menulocations.html. Click on your assigned piece.
10. Select the text from the title to the last word of the article.
11. Press control-c to copy it to the clipboard.

Begin the Transfer
10. Put your cursor in the big, white body box in the HTML tab. Press Control-V or paste
into that box.
11. Cut the title and the author name (Select it and push Control-X)
12. Paste it all into the title field (that is, paste both the title and
the author’s name in the title field).

Add Typography
13. Go back to the original post & look for anything that is bolded or in
14. Go back to the new post and select that word and press either the b or
the i.

Add Hyperlinks
15. Select the tab that says Visual (select away from the HTML tab you previously selected)
16. Go back to the original post. Right click on the first link you see.
Select ‘copy link location’ or ‘copy shortcut’ depending on your computer
17. Go to the new post. Select that word that was hyperlinked.
18. Then click on the link button that is blue and paste the link into the
field. Hit okay.
19. Do this for all the links in the article.

Add Images
20. Go back to the original article. Right click on the picture and click
‘save image as’ my documents. Save all of the images to your computer and remember where you put them.
21. On WordPress, click on the little box within a box icon for uploading images. If you hold the mouse arrow over the icon, the words “Add an image” will appear.
22. Click Select Files and then use the browse window to find the image files you saved to your computer. Click on the file name and then click Open.
23. Where it says Alignment choose Left (or Right) and on Image Size select Medium. Then click on Insert Into Post.

24. Click on Preview and see how it looks. Try to fix things that look bad like extra line breaks. Ensure the address is at the top of the sheet, in bold, and that the article starts two lines afterward.
25. Ensure all your links work.
26. Finally hit Save Draft.

Add Links
27. Select everything from Links to the last link. Copy.
28. Paste after the Map. Be in the Visual tab.
29. Check to see the hyperlinks in the document are working.
30. Press Publish


Add a Map
31.. After the last paragraph, Press the ‘B’ and write Map:
32. Go to http://maps.google.com
33. Type in Address of Profile site.
34. Click on Link Button above map. Highlight the script that says ’embed into web’ then copy it.
35. Be in the Visual tab of the wordpress page, and paste this link under where you wrote ‘map.’
36. The map will not show up yet, but there should be a link that says, “View larger map” if you did this right.
Add A Category
35. On the right side of the page, go to the box that says Category.
36. Select the general area of Houston (North, Northwest, etc)
37. Select a more specific Neighborhood name for your area. Do not add one without first consulting me.

Add Profile to the Link Menu
38. Below the title, click the button to ‘View Post.’ You will be taken to the web page. Once there, copy the URL, for example:  https://peoplesguidetohouston.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/a-night-out-in…ka-film-center/
39. On the left side menu, click on Links. Then select on Add New.
40. Under ‘Name’ write the name of your profiled site (Angelika Film Center). Don’t write the whole title of the piece, just the name of whatever it is being profiled.
41. Under Categories check NO MORE THAN 2 boxes that best describe your site. For Angelika I choose Entertainment and Movie Theater.
42. Press the Blue ‘Add Link’ Button on the side of the page

Using Opera’s revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/mail/


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